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Wenlin CC-CEDICT add-on

Creative-Commons Chinese-English Dictionary (Wénlín Edition)

Wenlin Dictionary add-on. CC-CEDICT (Wénlín Edition) is now optimized for for Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese (Wénlín Wánzhěngbǎn, 文林 完整版). CC-CEDICT (Creative-Commons Chinese-English Dictionary) is an online dictionary resource, providing information on vocabulary items that will be of interest to Wenlin users. In the spirit of helping to make CC-CEDICT data more accessible, and to demonstrate some of Wenlin’s advanced dictionary editing features, Wenlin has created versions of CC-CEDICT for use with the Wenlin Software package. For advanced users interested in exploring Wenlin dictionary creation and editing, the package also includes instructions for merging CC-CEDICT data into your other Wenlin dictionaries. The CC-CEDICT (Wénlín Edition), now available for the introductory price of $20, allows users to compare vocabulary and definitions with Wenlin ABC and our other add-on dictionaries for greater understanding. The CC-CEDICT (Wénlín Edition) is also included at no extra cost with the Wenlin 4.3.2 Bundle and ABC Dictionary Bundle products.

Note: Requires Wenlin 4.3.2

Price: $20.00