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Wenlin ABC EDOC add-on

ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese — Wénlín Electronic Edition. 《古代汉语字源字典‧文林电子版》

Wenlin ABC EDOC is a dictionary add-on for Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese 4.3. Fully integrated with Wenlin’s ABC dictionary, Wenlin ABC EDOC is based on the ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese by Dr. Axel Schuessler, part of the University of Hawai’i Press’s highly touted ABC Series. Wenlin ABC EDOC is the first searchable etymological dictionary of Old Chinese written in digital form, placing primary emphasis on the sounds and meanings of Sinitic roots. Designed for use by nonspecialists and specialists alike, the dictionary is highly accessible, being arranged in alphabetical order and possessed of numerous innovative lexicographical features. Each entry offers one or more possible etymologies as well as reconstructed pronunciations and other relevant data. Words that are morphologically related are grouped together into "word families" that attempt to make explicit the derivational or other etymological processes that relate them. The Wenlin ABC EDOC software edition includes substantive and significant introduction that outlines the author’s views on the linguistic position of Chinese within Asia and details the phonological and morphological properties, to the degree they are known, of the earliest stages of the Chinese language and its ancestor.

Note: Requires Wenlin 4.3.2

Price: $39.00