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Unabridged Hànyǔ Dà Cídiǎn Index — Wénlín Electronic Edition. 《汉语大词典‧全本索引‧文林电子版》

Integrated with the ABC English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary. Corrected, expanded, compiled and published by Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC. Based on the ABC Chinese Dictionary Series print edition: An Alphabetical Index to the Hànyǔ Dà Cídiǎn by Victor H. Mair. The Wenlin ABC HDC software edition merges Wenlin’s electronic version of the Unabridged HDC Index together with the electronic ABC Chinese-English Dictionary, so that their combined information (568,000 entries) is available in a friendly, intuitive and powerful interface. Ideal for students and specialists investigating Chinese literature.

The Hànyǔ Dà Cídiǎn (Unabridged Dictionary of Sinitic) (HDC) is the first large-scale comprehensive word dictionary in Chinese history to include both ancient and modern language. HDC is an excellent reference, but it is difficult to find items in it because they are arranged by radicals and residual strokes — hence the need for an alphabetical index of words. The Wenlin ABC HDC software edition provides easy access to the more than 350,000 multisyllabic entries found in HDC. (An alphabetical index of monosyllabic entries is already available.) It uses Hanyu Pinyin to provide phonetic annotation for the character entries, which enables the user to locate them alphabetically. More information here: http://wenlin.com/products/hdcindex.

“I am delighted that the complete, single-sort alphabetical index to the Hanyu Da Cidian is being made available through Wenlin in an electronic edition. This is bound to be a boon to everyone with a serious interest in the study of Chinese language.”

Victor H. Mair, Editor of the Index
ABC Chinese Dictionary Series Editor

IMPORTANT: For use with Wenlin 4.3 Software for Learning Chinese, this index does not include the HDC dictionary definitions. Like the printed HDC Index itself, it is especially for those who have access to the 22-volume HDC print edition. But it also allows easy pinyin input and web search of all HDC words.

Price: $49.00